Amy's RoomAmy Rose the HedgehogAmy Run
Battle HighwayCentral CityChao Ruins
ChaosChaos GammaChaos Run
Club "Rouge"ColosseumCream the Rabbit
Dark SonicDeath EggDr. Ivo Robotnik
E-101 MKIIE-121 PhiE-123 Omega
Emerald BeachEmerald TownEmerl
Espio The ChameleonFinal Egg BlasterGimme Shelter
Green HillGuard RoboHoly Summit
Hyper SonicKnuckles the EchidnaLibrary
LinkMephiles The DarkMetal Depot
Metal SonicMighty The ArmadilloMiles "Tails" Prower
Night BabylonRouge the BatS. Air Cracker
Shadow Android 1Shadow the HedgehogSonic Ballet
Sonic BattleSonic Battle WikiSonic Cracker
Sonic DriveSonic EagleSonic Flare
Sonic GuardSonic HealSonic Jump
Sonic KickSonic LeapSonic Meteor
Sonic PunchSonic RocketSonic Run
Sonic StormSonic StyleSonic Up Draft
Sonic WaveSonic the HedgehogSound Test
Super ShadowSuper SonicSuper Tails
Tails' LabTop KickUltimate Emerl
File:Amy's Room - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Amy'sroom.pngFile:Amy.png
File:Amy Run.pngFile:BattleHighway.pngFile:Battle Highway - Sonic Battle Music Extended
File:Central City - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Centralcity.pngFile:ChaoRuins.jpg
File:Chao Ruins - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Chaos.pngFile:Chaos Run.jpg
File:ClubRouge.pngFile:Club Rogue - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Colosseum.png
File:Cream.pngFile:DeathEgg.jpgFile:Death Egg - Sonic Battle Music Extended
File:E-121 Phi.pngFile:Eggman.pngFile:EmeraldBeach.jpg
File:Emerald Beach - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Emerald Town.pngFile:Emerald Town - Sonic Battle Music Extended
File:Emerl.pngFile:Final Battle - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Gamma.jpg
File:Gimme Shelter - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Gimmeshelter.pngFile:GreenHill.png
File:Green Hill Zone - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:GuardRobo.pngFile:Holly Summit - Sonic Battle Music Extended
File:Holy summit 2.pngFile:Knuckles.pngFile:Library.png
File:Library - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Logo flame.pngFile:MetalDepot.jpg
File:Metal Depot - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Night Babylon - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Night babylon2.png
File:Phi Battle - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Rouge.pngFile:S.AirCracker.jpg
File:SonicUpDraft.pngFile:SonicWave.jpgFile:Sonic Battle Intro
File:Sonic battle us introFile:Tails' Lab - Sonic Battle Music ExtendedFile:Tails' Lab - Sonic Battle Music Extended-0

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