Emerald Town

Emerald Town is the main setting in Sonic Battle and the hometown of Sonic and his friends. While Emerald Town has several buildings, only three different buildings can be used as "meeting points" in the game. These buildings would be Tails' House (which is quite simply a house in the shape of Tails' head), Tails' Lab, and a department-looking structure simply called "Building", which is only a meeting point during Rouge's episode. Other meeting points in Emerald Town are the two points at the Beach.


Sonic Battle begins in Emerald Town when Doctor Eggman throws the secret project Emerl the Gizoid in the beach after he created a duplicate of it that will obey his orders. Sonic finds the Gizoid and takes it to Tails' House to repair it. He is intruded by Shadow who has eyes for the Gizoid. Shadow fights Sonic only to be defeated by him. Shadow notified Sonic to insure he keeps the Gizoid safe from Dr. Eggman and runs off. Tails informs Sonic that there is a robot that looks just like it robbing a jewelry store. Sonic fights the robot and it retreats. Sonic soon names the Gizoid Emerl and he and his friends train it by attacking it and showing it moves throughout the game.

Due to the indirect nature of Sonic Battle's stages, other characters return to Emerald Town in their own episodes, typically to visit Sonic (who can usually be found training at Emerald Beach), or Tails' Lab for the reassembly of Chaos Emeralds from their shards. Rouge also comes to the district, like the E-121 Phi robots, to rob a jewelry store with Emerl's help.


Emerald Town - Sonic Battle Music Extended

Emerald Town - Sonic Battle Music Extended